Lindy Hop and Jazz DJing

Lindy Hop

I started dancing lindy hop in September 2013, and haven't stopped since. I regularly compete, perform, and teach as both a lead and a follow, and have social danced around North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. My joy in lindy hop is derived from connecting with my partner, and interpreting the music together through conversation in dance.

Smith Tower (Seattle) - Priya Alahan
The 9:20 Special (San Francisco) - Auey Santos
Barcelona (Spain) - Duna Gylfadóttir
Camp Jitterbug (Seattle) - Danny Ngan

Example DJ set transcribed to Spotify. (Revival Rhythm on 06/16/18.)

Swing DJing

I started DJing swing-era jazz music while I was a student in the UC Berkeley college scene. In the years since graduation, I have become a regular DJ at venues around the Bay Area and Seattle, including the 9:20 Special, Century Ballroom, Wednesday Night Hop, Revival Rhythm, and Eastside Stomp. Additionally, I have taught DJing workshops, played for many U.S. lindy exchanges, and acted as Head DJ for Big Sky Weekend. My favorite swing-era bandleaders and musicians include Sidney Bechet, Coleman Hawkins, Artie Shaw, Hot Lips Page, Ella Fitzgerald, and Earl Hines.

Upcoming Bookings: Camp Jitterbug (May 2019)

For further information about DJ booking, please send me an email!