Understanding Python Memory Management

March 2021

A 10-minute talk about CPython's internal memory management system, given remotely as part of PyLadies International Women's Day 2021 event.


Python ▪ Public Speaking ▪ Memory Management

Dreaming of Databases: 5 Questions for Data Layer Decisions

January 2020

25-minute talk given at ThaiPy in Bangkok to 100+ software engineer attendees. Talk covered history/definitions of various databases, and discussed how to make an educated decision regarding what database to use for a variety of different use cases.


Public Speaking ▪ SQL ▪ NoSQL

Going Serverless: App Engine and Cloud Functions Scaled Down

January 2019

30-minute talk given at Puget Sound Programming Python (PuPPy) to 120+ software engineer attendees. Talk covered definitions/use cases of serverless computing, and live deployments of demo code with Google Cloud App Engine and Cloud Functions using the gcloud SDK.


Public Speaking ▪ Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ▪ CI/CD

MigraWatch Scheduling API (Code Bash)

June 2018

Contribution to the WA Immigrant Solidarity Network's immigrant rights code bash, hosted by the WA State Labor Council. Created database schema and Django-based API for scheduling volunteers to provide emergency legal response to ICE raids in real time.


Python ▪ Django ▪ PostgreSQL ▪ Twilio

Hug (Open Source)

February 2018

Contribution to open source project streamlining Python API development through a simple, high efficiency interface. Hug lets users design and develop an API once, then expose it to clients in any format: HTTP, commandline, and more.


NumPy Integration (Python) ▪ Testing (pytest) ▪ Documentation

pip install your-idea

January 2018

10-minute lightning talk given at the Puget Sound Programming Python (PuPPy) monthly meetup about creating and publishing a PyPI package. Talk covered Python package syntax, PyPI commandline usage, and general troubleshooting.


Public Speaking ▪ Presentation


December 2017

PyPI package that generates elegant, specific, and useful READMEs based on a user’s codebase. Gathers data to show web framework-specific installation instructions, URLs/test files, project dependencies, contributors, and more.


Python ▪ PyPI ▪ Sphinx

Personal Portfolio

January 2018

Simple, cleanly designed professional portfolio. Showcases academic and personal programming projects, my resume, information about my personal hobbies, contact data, and more.


JavaScript ▪ jQuery ▪ HTML5 ▪ CSS ▪ Github Pages

Seattle AA Meeting Finder

October 2017

User-friendly, mobile-first website providing info about and directions to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the greater Seattle area. Integrates a search utility to suggest accessible, convenient meetings by time and distance.


JavaScript ▪ Express ▪ Node.js ▪ PostgreSQL ▪ HTML5 ▪ CSS