Old Website Hacked

A little while ago I got some unpleasant news from Bluehost. My account had been hacked and my sites within it were now distributing malware. Crap. My sites were built on Wordpress with the Divi theme and I immediately imagined how difficult it would be to clean those sites and re-establish them. Hours and hours of work had gone into learning Wordpress, Divi, and customising my themes to be just how I wanted them. Did I really want to bother? I didn’t, but felt that I my investment into that WordPress site was too great to abandon.

I looked through the source files over FTP, and saw the smug bugger had replaced key .php files with:

// Silence is Golden

I found and deleted the malware file flagged by Bluehost, but that obviously wasn’t enough to ensure my account was sterile. A rebuild just looks like a rabbit-hole to me now, and I have too many other things to focus on to let this get in the way, so I am opting for the nuclear option to just clear out my account. I’ll get back a clean and bare account, but I likely won’t be using it or my Divi Theme license anymore. I need to get content up online ASAP, and Github Pages allows to me go from zero to published with minimal hassle.